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What's up in Check the news page, doc!

A status page is also available for those of you that have their web site hosted here.


I'm working on some experimental debian packages. They are available in a public repository. If your OS is Debian GNU/Linux, just add to your /etc/apt/source.list:
deb distro main
deb-src disto main
where distro can be one of these: lenny oldstable wheezy stable

If you don't want to confirm every time you trust my packages, you can add my key to your apt ring of trust, as root:
wget -O - | apt-key add -


Dungeons and Dragons probably is the most famous Role Playing Game. The official world is Greyhawk. I have a few resources about it. I played a seaman, so I got interested in tides. My tides almanac is now online.
I you want to know how to get a free digital version of the Player Handbook or the Dungeon Master Guide, have a look here.



Some people keeps sending me mails with jokes and funny drawings. I put some of these in this directory.


Internet Relay Chat was the traditional chat system on the internet.
You can read here a translation in French of RFC1459, the IRC official technical reference. There are now more recent ones I haven't translated.



Here are some pictures of trips I made in China, Mexico, France...

I like to skate in Paris streets, especially at night. Here's the illustrated story of one of our famous soirées cigare, in French. I even tried skating on a roof!



Here's the usual link page.

And here's a science fiction books list I liked, too.