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How to play all the tracks in practice ?

In the beginning, only two tracks are available. You have to play a championship to enable the other ones. If you won the 2 first races (that means making a race time less than the qualify time), you'll try the third one during the championship and it will stay available in practice mode; If you won the 3 first races, you'll try the fourth one during the championship and it will stay available in practice mode; And so on...

How to get more vehicles?

In the beginning, there are only 6 vehicles available: 2 cars, 3 motorbikes, and a truck. Play in practice and finish the race first or second to get an other car. These cars have an extra speed capacity. You can win one per track : The second Japanese motorbike is available in any race in reverse mode.

If you played a championship, you'll probably saw another red car. It's what we called the Madmax car. To get it, you have to finish a whole championship with an average position better than third.

When you get that one, you'll see yet another car in championship. To get that one, you must win a whole championship in mirror mode, with an average position better than third.

What is the Reverse Mode?

The Reverse Mode is only available during practice. In the beginning of a race, while you can see the other cars starting their race, simply turn your car around and run the track in the other way. Ignore the speaker shooting "REVERSE" until you cross the start line again. Then, a small REVERSE appears on the bottom left of you screen, and the computer cars starts to chase you.

Note that you must cross the start line before the computer reach the first checkpoint.

What is the Mirror Mode?

The Mirror Mode is available both in practice and in championship. You have to enter a password before the game, and then, all the track is flipped. It's not the same thing than the Reverse Mode: Imagine you usually have a road climbing and turning right. In reverse mode, the road is going down and turning left; In mirror mode, the road is still climbing, but it's turning left! It may look easy, but when you know the track, it's pretty confusing. Worse, you can combine this two modes in a Reverse-Mirror Mode, getting then a road going down and right. Then, you'll be utterly lost!
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